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Hi everyone, my name is Tina Budd and I am the new Friday coach at Wellington Riding for the Disabled. I have been volunteering at WRDA for nearly 2 years. When the coaching post came up, I thought: “Yay, go for it!” so I did, and here I am!

I am originally from Devon in the UK and moved with my family, husband and two boys aged 9 &12, to New Zealand two years ago. I was a police officer in the UK for 22 years, performing a range of roles from uniformed officer to plain clothes officer, working with high risk and vulnerable missing children, many of whom had disabilities.

I love working at WDRA, the magical moments riders give you when they try, succeed and enjoy; and the horses, who are so tolerant of their riders and the love that is shared between them. I often have a tear in my eye at the end of a session and when I’m writing up the ride notes.

My passion is animals; I have had cats all my life.  I currently have two cats Bilbo and Tabitha, a red eared slider turtle called Crush and four chickens, Hope, Lucky, Dozy & Doris, but my particular passion is horses. I have been riding since I was 19 years old and have had three horses over the years, two which I leased for a few years and one which I had for 16yrs, my baby, Harvest Moon.

I also work with animals using a very unusual gift that I have, I am an animal communicator, which means I can actually talk with animals and find out all about them. This service I offer is proving very popular here in NZ and I now run it as a business called Animal Harmony.

I look forward to working at WRDA for many years and adding to the many friends which I have already made.


Guest Post - Tina Budd, New Coach at Wellington Riding for the Disabled

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