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The Big Build – Our Future is Covered


The Big Build – Our Future is Covered

It is well and truly time for an update on where we are at in our big plans.  We have spent the last 18 months post relocation (Part A) cementing ourselves into the fabric of the Park and building and developing our programmes in our new space.  Last term saw us hit an all-time high, with over 80 riders using our service over the 6 days we operate.  Well on our way to our long term goal of 100 riders consistently riding per week.

As Project Manager, I have been busy finalising the funding and working with the many parties to finalise designs, agreements, quotes and a myriad of other tasks to get this build off the ground and actually built.

In January we were so happy to sign a 35 year lease on the permanent site where our covered arena will be situated.  Greater Wellington Regional Council have also agreed we can keep our current temporary arena on a further 5 year lease.  This is great news as so much goodwill went into building this it would have been a shame to have had to dismantle it.  Having an outdoor arena will give us options and alternatives going forward and we will all still be able to enjoy the sun and stunning park views on a sunny day.

Our paddocks are all fully fenced (EquiFence) and have water and troughs plumbed in.  We will look at establishing shelter belts and structures over the next few years but in the meantime there is adequate gullies and hills to keep the horses sheltered and out of the wind if needed.

In February I once again signed on as the full time Project Manager for 6 months to manage the build.  While I do enjoy corporate Wellington there is nothing I like better than being at Battle Hill and working alongside the amazing team of staff and volunteers.

With the finalisation of a long term lease the build (Part B) was given the final green light.  All Consents were approved in 2017 so we could crack straight in. 

Advanced Siteworks have been hard at work establishing the build platform.  They have been heavily hindered by the ongoing intermittent rain over the last 3 months.  It just kept the site wet enough that we couldn’t compact.  Advanced Siteworks have been here whenever they could to get the job done.  They have been so good at keeping me informed and keeping it simple for me to understand!! Please consider these guys if you need any work done.   They really deserve your support after the support they have provided to us.

Above: View from the back of the platform to the woolshed and rangers house.

Today the cabling for power and phone to the site has been trenched in.  Luckily a beautiful day for this ensuring minimal mud and mess in the farmers paddock. Stratford Electrical are on board for the duration and again please support these guys if you need anything electrical.

Above: Brad on the digger trenching and Andre and his team laying the ducting and cables.

Kiwispan have been contracted for the big build and we have a start date booked of 15 May.  It is really just mind boggling to see this dream finally become reality and I am constantly reminded of the amazing people and community who have supported us on our journey. 

A huge thank you to our key build funders – New Zealand Community Trust and the Lotteries Community Facilities Fund who believed in our vision and the community benefit it would bring.  Our immediate community of our riders and volunteers and also our wider community of many local community groups and individuals.  Thank you all for your letters supporting our funding applications.

The build is scheduled to be completed at the end of October.  The final interior fitout, furniture and fittings (Part C) remains funding dependent and we are always open to donations and suggestions.  The finished building will be functional but bear in mind it may be missing some nice-to-haves!

I look forward to keeping you updated as the build progresses and please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries or comments.


Donna Kennedy

027 235 8702 or 04 237 5550


The Big Build – Our Future is Covered

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