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Final Relocation Blog

WOW where did those six months go?! It has been a whirlwind of activity and looking back an amazing amount of work has been achieved.

At the end of my contract the temporary site is up and running with a purpose built outdoor arena, wash-down, container and shelter for the horses.  2017 has been a bit kinder on the weather front and rides are all go with the highest number of riders in the programme for a quite a few years.


The permanent site has had the resource consent lodged and building consent in train. Half the required funds have been secured thanks to New Zealand Community Trust who have been exceedingly generous. They see an amazing community facility and we appreciate their support and staying alongside us over the years. In addition to this, we have been saving and fundraising hard over the last five years for this very purpose. Finally, we have two big funding applications in for the permanent site which we await the result of with bated breath. These are accompanied by a great video and a great deal of support from a number of local and community agencies and groups.

One again there are so many to thank but the biggest thank you must go to Peter Rutland who managed the rebuild on the ground allowing us the use of his staff and trucks (Webster Drilling) and organising his connections to help. Pete - the cost to us if you had not of been involved would have been a massive drain on our reserves, all of which we can now put towards the permanent site. You and your team have been an absolute pleasure to deal with. The words 'thank you' seems so inadequate to express how grateful we are!


In addition and in no particular order, A List of the Good Guys for the Battle Hill Rebuild:

Tree Removal – Richard Renshaw

Shelter Poles and Holes – Tony and Andre Stratford, Brad Joines, Josh Owen, Pete Rutland

Shelter roof – Tony and Andre Stratford, Dillon Jones (Webster Drilling)

Arena Surface – Rapid Earthworks Ltd – free loader and driver at Kenepuru and discounted trucks for transport, at 6.30am, eek!

All digger work both sites - Jet Vac Jimmy O’Hearn for his digger and chief digger driver Paddy Doyle (Webster Drilling)

Arena Arena Railings and gates – Paddy Doyle, Pete Rutland, Nata Seupule (all Webster Drilling)

Arena posts and reinstating fences – Brad Joines and Josh Owen

Trucks and staff  Webster Drilling – they always had trucks and staff available to help us out

Rough Terrain moving our container again! And transporting diggers on and off site.

David Miller – wastewater consultant  

Handprints – screenprinting all our Hi-Viz gear for easy identification out and about in the park for riders and volunteers.

Just a reminder all WRDA has paid for is the shelter poles, rubber and the discounted transport of the arena base! AMAZING!

WRDA would also like to thanks NZ Rubber and Foam for their discounted pricing and free freight, Brent Smith Trailers for their free freight and Mitre 10 Mega Porirua for giving us trade pricing.


Please try and support these guys where you can!


I have regularly posted on Facebook with the progress of Battle Hill so no need to repeat those but check out a few photos of the new site and some photos of rides.

So farewell from me as your Project Manager – it has been a blast! So busy but so rewarding and a huge thank you to WRDA for allowing me the privilege to be paid for doing something I love.  Now, off to find a 'real' job! 


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