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A huge thanks to all that helped us shift a whole heap of sand (7cubic meters) from Johnsonville Playcentre to WRDA on Saturday.  The Playcentre had ordered new sand and was a bit stuck about what to do with the old stuff and rang us! Just in time, as our yards were starting to need a top up.  Perfect win-win all round!

The power of social media saw a team of new faces turn up to help from - thanks John Crowley and Andrew Balme, the Girl Guides also shared our request and we got Mary and Karen Bishop (rangers) and of course our old mates the Johnsonville Lions with Rob Mayo and  Stephen Cook.  Our fab Vollies Anita Oliver (Sat) and her partner Greg George, Sue Parrott (Sat) and her son Sam,  Diane Cawley (Thurs) and Emma, Murray and Alison Chapman (of course!), Wendy Newsham (Sat) and Sangita from the Playcentre. 

It was wonderful to have parents of riders also come and help and bring trailers - Paul and Karen MacPherson, Lee Smith and Dave and Brin Gallagher.  It was great to meet you all and to see we have such great support in the community. 

As the old adage goes, many hands make light work and with a team loading at Johnsonville and one unloading at WRDA with three trailers and a ute we were done by lunchtime!!!  Thanks so much - our horses will love the new sand.

Check the photos out here - thanks again everyone!

Many hands make light work

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