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Sarah Piper

My name is Sarah Piper and I’m the new Friday coach at Wellington RDA. 

I began volunteering at WRDA in 2003, initially volunteering on Saturdays before picking up Tuesdays too in 2012. I started volunteering as a way to get some horsey time but eventually assisting riders in achieving some amazing goals became a huge part of it for me and it became a lot more than just a horse fix. I've been slowly building up to coaching and was aiming to start coaching on Tuesdays this year, until the opportunity for the Friday coaching position came up and, knowing I had a supportive team in the volunteers and other coaches, I was keen to take on this role. 

I've always loved animals and have worked in various animal care roles, including a supervisor role at a kennels and cattery, though I did major in political science at university. My other job currently is in IT support, which is a very different challenge but makes for good variation. 

Being at RDA was my only opportunity to be around horses, and I consider myself extremely fortunate that this lead to me getting my own horse. I own Dex, the grazer amongst the RDA ponies, who after 10 years as one of the special RDA crew was retired from the programme in July 2011 when he needed a "change of career." I was lucky enough to be able to buy him and after a slightly rocky first year we started to try a lot of new things and it's been so much fun, and I've been very lucky to have been able to keep him grazing with the RDA horses. I've learned a lot from him and he seems to be quite enjoying all the things we get up to, and certainly his RDA training and nature have proven to be quite helpful at times.

I’ve seen RDA change so many lives and help so many people over the years, and I’ve been inspired by riders, horses, and RDA volunteers and coaches alike. I'm excited for my new role and to help provide this service that I've been seeing the benefits of for so long. It's a great team of people with some very special horses and I can't wait to get started as a coach.

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